Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Welcome to my food blog!  I know there are a lot of these food blogs out on the internet. The main difference between my blog and most of the others is that rather than focusing on one aspect of food - such as critiquing restaurants, posting recipes, etc - my blog will cover anything and everything food related.  One day I might post pictures and thoughts about a certain dish I tried at a restaurant and the next day I might post a picture and/or recipe of something I've made myself.  As a big fan of smoking meats, you're likely to see posts about my smoking experiences... especially since it's that time of year again.  Chinese food is another favorite of mine.  I live in Springfield, Missouri - where Cashew Chicken was invented - and we have a large number of Chinese restaurants as well as an ever increasing number of Japanese restaurants and a few Thai restaurants.  I have also started growing my own vegetables and this year I'm going to attempt growing jalapenos along with my tomatoes so I'll likely post about that experience as well. In general, I'm a lover of just about every kind of food imaginable so who knows what I might post.  There are multiple methods to subscribe to my blog (to the right) so please subscribe and keep updated. Thanks for visiting!

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