Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Taco Wagon

If you're a lover of food, or happen to live on the west coast, you're probably familiar with the new Food Truck craze.  For those who are unaware, these are mobile trucks that travel to different locations to bring the food to the customer and serve it right from the truck.  Out west in California there are tons of these trucks that serve a great variety of food from all nationalities and they use Twitter or other social networking sites to post where they are going to be serving food that day.  Now here in Missouri it's not quite that popular but slowly catching on.  Here in Springfield we have one such truck called The Taco Wagon and my wife Laura and I decided to try it for the first time last night.  I ordered a large quesadilla (seen below) with Pastor in it.  Now this was my first time trying Pastor and I'm glad I did.  Pastor is basically shredded pork that has been marinated and cooked in seasonings and has small chunks of pineapple in it as well.  It's delicious and very unique. The quesadilla was massive and reasonably priced ($4 + $2.50 for the meat) for what you get.  The large quesadilla was huge and probably consisted of 8-10 "wedges".  I recall getting to the bottom and thinking "OK, this has got to be the last one" and then sure enough there was another wedge hiding underneath that one.  Now I'm a big 6'2" guy that can put away some serious food but this thing was a lot!  I think next time I'll probably just have the small quesadilla.

My wife decided to play it safe and ordered a small chicken quesadilla and a "walking taco".  Now I think this "walking taco" (seen below) is an ingenious idea.  Basically they take a small bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, open it up, and add whatever meat you want plus cheese, onions, sour cream etc and serve it to you that way.  Now I've made my own taco salads using Doritos before but never directly in the bag.  It's super convenient and not to mention it's a great way of portioning food for those who might be watching their waistline. The price for the small quesadilla was $1 less that the large I ordered and the "walking taco" was $2.50 which I think is the perfect price.

Overall we both enjoyed the food a lot and also enjoyed the unique experience of ordering food from a food truck.  In addition to what we ordered they also have regular tacos and burritos as well as beverages including Mexican imported Jarritos soda.  We will definitely be going back to The Taco Wagon again and I think I'll go for the burrito next time.

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