Friday, March 15, 2013

New Product Review! (Banquet Deep Dish Sausage & Gravy Pot Pie)

One of my favorite meals of the day is breakfast.  I especially enjoy a really good breakfast buffet with a large variety of breakfast items. What's not to love about eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and of course one of my all time favorites, Biscuits & Gravy?!  So a couple of months ago when I saw these new Banquet Deep Dish Sausage & Gravy Pot Pies (really Banquet it that hard to just call it a Biscuit & Gravy Pot Pie?) I had to give them a try.  First of all let me tell you the best part about them .... the price!  When these first came out you could get them for 77 cents each.  They're up to around 88 cents each now but you're not going to get anything else this good for breakfast for less than $1.  The flavor of these Pot Pies really shocked me as well.  I was really expecting a cheap tasting gravy with little bits of sausage in it, unlike what is shown on the box.  What I got was exactly what they show on the box.  Big pieces of sausage and plenty of them as well so you really get that sausage flavor.  Another thing that I like about these is the proportioning of the sausage gravy to the crust... the "biscuit" part.  You get the perfect amount of gravy so every bit of the crust is covered with gravy. The plate gets cleaned, that's for sure.  The only negative thing I have to say about these is that the bottom crust doesn't get quite as flaky and crisp as it should, considering that it's in one of those special crisping trays, but that's just a minor issue.  Banquet has really done justice for the reputation of cheap, microwaveable, yet tasty food with this product.  I definitely recommend you look for this next time you're out grocery shopping. 

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