Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thai Xpress

Today's blog is a review of a couple items I had at Thai Xpress (here in Springfield, MO) the other day.  I've eaten at Thai Xpress many times and although I'm not a huge fan of Thai food, I've been impressed with everything I've eaten there.  This restaurant is a small place but it has been featured in our local newspaper and gets rave reviews all over the internet. The cuisine is a nice mix of Thai and Chinese food but there is definitely an emphasis on the Thai food on the menu.  Today's review is a combination of both types with the first item being the Combo (Shrimp/Crab) Fried Rice and the second item being Thai Sweet Iced Tea.

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Let me start out by saying that the Combo (Shrimp/Crab) Fried Rice, seen above, was much better than I could have ever expected.  I love seafood but I rarely get it in fried rice.  It could be that I've just grown up eating chicken or beef fried rice so that's what I always get.  No matter the reason, I got it this time and was happy I did.  The shrimp were nice and big as were the chunks of crab meat.  I felt the amount they put in the fried rice was very proportionate and I was able to get a little seafood with each bite.  Towards the end of eating the dish I initially was disappointed because I still had a little rice left and no seafood but as I continued eating the rice I found little hidden morsels of crab meat mixed in which was very satisfying.  Overall, I thought the dish was very tasty and well priced.  Definitely worth trying and I will certainly order this again.

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What you see above is Thai Sweet Iced Tea.  It's orange in color, which is interesting when you first order one of these, but it is oh so delicious.  First thing to know is that Thai tea is different than the traditional tea made here in the US.  They have their own special tea plants in Thailand which is where they get this special brew.  It has a very good, strong tea flavor.  The key to a Thai Iced Tea though, and the reason the tea is orange in color, is the addition of half and half or any other type of creamer to the tea.  This combination of the unique, very sweet, Thai tea and cream makes for a drink that is out of this world.  I have to order one of these every time I go and I recommend it to everyone I talk to when the conversation of Thai food comes up. If you ever find yourself at a Thai restaurant and see Thai Sweet Tea on the menu, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Overall, Thai Xpress is an amazing place to eat. Other dishes I've tried there include the Curry as well as the Peanut Chicken which is amazing.  Other popular, recommended dishes, that I will try someday include the Boom Chicken, Jerry Chicken, and the Royal Chicken.  If you live in Springfield or ever travel here you definitely need to check this place out.

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