Friday, May 20, 2011

Hog and Sauce BBQ!

Today's post is a review of a little BBQ joint that's fairly new.  This place, Hog and Sauce BBQ, is about as small as the come.  It's a long narrow building with a drive-thru window on both sides.  (At one point it was a drive-thru espresso shop that I unfortunately never got to try.)  At the back of the building is a fenced in area where they keep the smoker, which is always billowing wonderful smokey smells into the air.  This place has been there for the better part of a year - on East Sunshine next to a Kum N Go for those who live in Springfield - and two nights ago was my first time trying them despite the fact that I can see the place from the upstairs window of my townhouse. It was actually the fact that Burger King next door, which I had planned on having for dinner, has closed up for good that forced me to try Hog and Sauce BBQ and I'm glad I did. What I ended up ordering was the Jumbo Pulled Pork "Sandwich" and the potato salad.  I'll get into why the word sandwich is in quotes in a minute but first let me talk about the potato salad.

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What you see above is hands down the best potato salad I've ever eaten.  I usually prefer mayo based potato salad as opposed to mustard based so I asked the guy working the window which one theirs is to which he replied that they use both in theirs and that I'll really like it.  What he didn't tell me, which was a fantastic surprise, is that they also put small bits of smoked meat in their potato salad.  Without being too cheesy here let me just say .... OMG! When I took the lid off the container I could immediately smell a slight aroma of smokiness and knew I was going to like this potato salad. The combination of the mayo and mustard was just right and not too tangy.  That combo along with the pickles, potatoes, seasoning and smoked meat was just out of this world.  I actually finished the potato salad before I even unwrapped the "sandwich" and I think I could have just gotten a bigger container of the potato salad and had that by itself for dinner. 

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Now, what you see above is the Jumbo Pulled Pork "Sandwich".  As you might have guessed from the picture, I've been using quotes around the word sandwich because it's not really a sandwich but more like a burrito.  On their menu Hog and Sauce BBQ mentions they are the "home of the pita-que" and that is why their "sandwich" is served like this.  At first glance you might think this looks like a wheat tortilla they're using but it's actually a tiny bit thicker, though not as thick as actual pita bread, and tastes just like pita bread. It's interesting and although I really enjoyed the overall "sandwich", I think I would have preferred it on a regular bun or kaiser roll. The pulled pork itself was excellent.  Unlike the dry pulled pork, which has to be doused with loads of BBQ sauce just to get it down, that you get from other BBQ joints, the pulled pork here was juicy as well as tender and perfectly smoked. While the "sandwich" did have BBQ sauce on it, it was not overpowering and you could still enjoy the wonderful flavor of the meat itself while getting the perfect amount of the nice sweet mild flavored sauce to go with it.

Overall I was really pleased with what I got from Hog and Sauce BBQ and will definitely go back.  In addition to the pulled pork they also have smoked beef (which I'm assuming is brisket), smoked chicken, and Nathan's hot dogs as well as your typical baked beans and a small kids menu.  Fridays and Saturdays they do ribs which I'm really looking forward to trying next. There's plenty of choices to please anyone who enjoys a good smoked BBQ lunch or dinner. 

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